Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I enter my fundraiser code?

- At checkout, there will be a field labeled "Discount coupon code". You will enter the code in the field provided, and press "Apply" to the right.


What if don't press apply after I have entered the fundraiser code?

- You MUST hit apply, or the discount will not be applied to your purchase.


What if I have checked out and did not enter the code and/or press apply?

- You will need to contact Jim Millard at (810) 923-8583 for a price adjustment. It will be handled immediately for you.


Why wasn't my discount applied after I entered the fundraising code?

- You did not press the "apply" link to the right of the code field after you enter your code. If you have checked out, please contact Jim Millard at (810) 923-8583.


What if I have received defective sheets?

- Unfortunately, sometimes merchandise comes defective from the supplier. It is not a problem to exchange your sheets for a new set by contacting Jim Millard at (810) 923-8583.